Our Story

We are 6th generation farmers in Osage County looking to try something new. 

A few years ago we decided to combine our love of wine and wine making with our family farm.  To accomplish this, we took some viticulture and enology classes at Highland Community College in 2010.

We continued to pursue our wine making interest by planted grapes and maintaining a small vineyard  in our farm land and started making wine for our enjoyment that we share with family and friends.

As the vineyard grew, so did our enjoyment and that grew into passion. Then in 2019 (after a few glasses of wine), we decided to join 456 Wineries incubator to become a full fledged winery and we've been crafting fine wines so that we can share our joy with you.

Our operation is managed by family members who are driven by a deep passion for wine with our customers in mind. 

Our goal is to deliver fine wine from our farm winery to your table for family dinner, social gathering and life celebrations.

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